We are extremely proud and excited to be a part of the iconic The Chicago Board of Trade Building, one of the nation’s most widely recognized commercial properties. With a proactive approach to property management and tenant engagement, we are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service in support of our tenants. We are committed to understanding the specific needs and challenges facing our tenants, then finding innovating solutions for them. To that end, we partner closely with our service providers to ensure we consistently deliver on our core services, which is providing clean, comfortable and secure office space. By doing so, our customers are able to focus their attention and efforts on growing their business.


With a proactive approach to environmental awareness and sustainability, The Chicago Board of Trade Building is changing the way its customers, employees and service providers think about the environment and the world in which we work and live. With a thoughtful plan for energy management, water conservation, indoor air quality, recycling and overall environmental risk, we have formed collaborative partnerships with our suppliers, together changing the way the building impacts the environment.

As we continue to pursue LEED, ENERGYSTAR and BOMA 360 certifications, our overall vision is not the accomplishment of these goals in and of themselves, but to truly reduce our environmental impact.

This is an exciting new time at The Chicago Board of Trade Building and we look forward to being a partner in the success of our tenants over the years to come.